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How Often Should You Change Your Pillow

Ok…this is a question that Angus and Kirby get asked on a weekly basis.

We’re all beginning to understand the ENORMOUS impact that  good nights sleep has on our health and having the right pillow is a key ingredient.

Watch the video below and find out just how often you should be changing your pillow (you might be surprised to find out the slightly gross truth).

If you’ve got any questions about choosing the right pillow or sleeping tips in general then be sure to ask either Angus and Kirby next time your in.

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Angus and Kirby


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  1. Hi Kirby,
    A really good post. As a manufacturer and distributor of quilts and pillows, I also get this question all the time and I would certainly agree with the contents of the post especially to replace it no longer than every two years. Its incredible that so many sleep with cheap, poor quality pillows and hang on them for years and wonder why they are not getting proper rest. The same goes for quilts another essential for a restful nights sleep.
    Can I use your post on our News section of our web site, with credits of course?
    I am doing well, skiing in Italy last month was great and some serious off piste coming up the week after next in Chamonix, France. Catch up soon.
    Best regards, Trevor

  2. Hi Kirby,
    Further to my comments yesterday, I am a guest presenter on live TV shopping (TVSN on channel 14) next month and will be launching our new alpaca bamboo pillow. One of the features of this new pillow is it having a washable outer case which is mentioned as being desirable in the video post plus replace it no longer than 2 years. Question – can I use your video on tv? Obviously I will personally make sure that Lie Chiropratic gets full acknowledgement. The tv shopping show is live and national with average 3-400,000 viewers some of who live in Melbourne so there may be new customers for you. Can you please advise. Thanks and kind regards, Trevor

    • Hi Trevor,

      so sorry for the delay in getting back you. If you were still interested in using the video we’d be happy to share it.
      Once again sorry for tardy response.


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