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Dr Angus and Dr Kirby get frozen!

Last week we ventured across the road from the practice in Port Melbourne to try out the newly established Ritual Cryotherapy located inside Bohdi and Ride.

In this vid we discuss who may benefit from it, what it involves and our experience of the centre.

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  1. Dear Angus,

    Wishing you a belated Happy Easter.

    Prue and I often think of you and how
    your life is going.

    We see Trudy and Tess and Reid occasionally,
    but seem to have lost touch with Linda,
    Mackenzie and Edison. However, I keep in
    close touch with Joy and get some news of
    the children.

    I’m sure you are doing very well with your
    patients and easing much pain and suffering.

    May God Bless All That You Do In Life.

    Kind Regards,
    Brian & Prue

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