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    Thorough History and Examination
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    Full Spinal and Postural Examination
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    State of The Art Computerised Spinal Scanning

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Our Guarantee

If for any reason during the first 6 weeks of your care you are unhappy with your progress we will happily refund any monies spent.

At Life Chiropractic Port Melbourne our goal when you first visit us is simple, and that is to find out if you are in the right place to get the care you need. If after our initial consultation we feel that you’re not a candidate for chiropractic care then we will work with you to get you to someone who can help.

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Lower Back Pain

Chances are that if you are reading this then you are on the two million Australians who are affected by back pain every year? The problem is large, the ailment common and to make matters worse those of you...

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Are you one of the many thousands of Australians whose lives are impacted by headaches? If so you’re not alone. The world health organization estimates that almost 50% of the population suffer from...

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Neck Pain

For many Australians neck pain is literally... a pain in the neck. Neck pain is an issue that impacts a large number of Australians and along with back pain is a leading cause of disability. Neck pain is the second...

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Family Wellness

Have my asthma through the medication well under control and do endurance sports such as jogging, cycling and swimming. Can only recommend https://fdlist.com/. PS: For any emergencies, I still have a salbutamol spray. Fortunately I have not needed the last 4 years.

Why should children be examined by a chiropractor? At Life Chiropractic we ascribe to the idea that prevention is better than cure, and that pursuing your optimum health is the key to achieving balance, wellness...

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